Storage of Flax Seed Flakes in a cool dark place is important, so a garage or tack shed would perfect. It is important to keep the flake our of sunlight as this will reduce the quality. The amount to feed depends on the desired resuts... the flake is high in protein and so should not be over fed. As a general guide we suggest around one cup per day per horse, but it also depends on what else is being fed alongside it, and your specific nutritional requirements. 

Typical Analysis per 150g:

Benefits of Flax Seed Flake for Horses

  • Rich in protein to promote optimum top line condition
  • Omega 3, 6 & 9 for coat shine and lustre
  • Provides vitamins, minerals and amino acids vital for skin health
  • High in dietary fibre for optimum digestion and gut health
  • Cost effective supplement for healthy coats & muscle tone
  • 100% natural - can be fed to horse suffering from allergies
  • Taste great and its easy to feed by simply adding to the daily mealType your paragraph here.

Flax Seed Flake is a 100% natural supplement rich in Protein and Dietary Fibre to promote healthy coats and top line condition.

Low in non-fibre carbohydrates and gluten & GMO free, flax Seed Flake can help to eliminate tying up as well as reducing the risk of other disorders attributed to diets high in starch and sugar.

With over 30% protein and 40% dietary fibre, Flax Seed Flake is an excellent supplement for muscular development and digestive health.

Flax Seed Flake also contains Omega 3, 6 & 9 Essential Fatty Acids. A quality source of vitamins and minerals to ensure optimum overall health.

100% Flax Seed Flake from cold-pressed Australian grown linseed. The recommended feeding rate is between 150 - 400g per day depending on the size of the horse and results desired. Simply add into the daily feed, no need for soaking.

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